Corporate Culture


Core Philosophy:

    Our core value and philosophy is for all the employees to build up Besunyen’s core visions so as to nurture and develop a modernized and globalised corporate culture and environment.

Corporate Goal:

    "Developing the enterprise, rewarding the shareholders, serving the society and benefiting the employees”

    —— Besunyen aimed to “provide therapeutic tea service and spread the culture and tradition of Chinese medicine” as its ultimate goals, while respecting and protecting the rights of the stakeholders.

Corporate Spirit:

    "We communicate to ensure harmony of interpersonal relationship; and to improve the quality of life”

    —— Besunyen emphasizes on communication among people and promotes the value of “doing right things and having simple life”. 

Corporate Style:

    "We respect our people as our foundation, we value ourselves as honest and reliable, and we commit ourselves to creativity and innovative technologies”

    —— Starting from focusing and satisfying the demands from people, Besunyen, based on an innovative and scientific mindset, builds up modern philosophy and organizational structure, innovates the most advanced technology and techniques and leads to resounding financial results and situation.

Operation Philosophy

    "Green revitalizing, and maintaining the body balance and flow”

    —— Besunyen has always put clients at our top priority. As an initiator and practitioner in the "therapeutic tea and health concept” in China, we work with various parties in consensus to achieve a mutual beneficial situation.

Corporate Vision:

    "We strive to become the leading brand in the therapeutic tea health industry in China, as well as the leading brand in the operation and innovation in Chinese medicine”

    —— Besunyen with its mission of “enhancing public health, nurturing employee development and  achieving glories for Chinese medicine” strives to build up a leading globalized enterprise.