Business Overview

    Besunyen is a leading brand of therapeutic tea products in China. Over the past decade, the Company has strived to provide health lovers therapeutic tea products that are effective, safe, affordable and convenient-to-use. We actively encourage the concept “herbal extract essences and therapeutic tea products help tone the body”.

    Besunyen Detox Tea and Besunyen Slimming Tea are two of the Company’s best-selling products, and have a leading market share in the laxative and slimming markets. The Company is planning to enter the over-the-counter tea market. We have also prepared a series of new therapeutic tea products which is planned to introduce as appropriate to the market from the beginning of 2011. Apart from the Besunyen series, we have also launched the VS brand, in which we introduced flavored milk tea, original tea and herbal tea series.

     Our products are sold in over 100,000 retail pharmacies, supermarkets and tea houses across China through our distribution network which consists over 400 distributors in 30 provinces. Currently, the retail pharmacies are our major sales channel, representing over 95% of the sales terminals. In future, we will actively expand the coverage of our supermarket channel. At present, our products are being sold in Walmart and Watson and to enhance our customer service, we have started to sell online.

    We rely mainly on television advertisements for marketing and promotion. In recent years, we sponsored activities and television shows such as “New Silk Road Model Contest”, "China Traditional Songs”, "Dancing Carnival” and “Tian Sheng Wang Pai”.